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Unclutter life – let the journey begin!

This post is a simple welcome to and I’m so glad that you have found this place dedicated to uncluttering life. I have really become passionate about looking at life from a different perspective than I used to, and really taking a look at what is adding value and positivity to my life and what is just taking up space and time and not actually doing me any good.

Unclutter? Is that even a word?

I know many people will be thinking, ‘Is uncluttering even a word? I thought it was declutter.’ To that I have to say, yes. Uncluttering (and unclutter) is indeed a word – the original word. A very powerful word dedicated to the action of removing ones clutter. It doesn’t simply mean to tidy or organise clutter away in nice looking boxes so that it looks pretty from the outside. It means to actually remove what is considered to be clutter for good!

What’s the big deal about decluttering?

To unclutter a room in your house (let alone your life!) can take some energy, motivation and even guidance. Where should I put things? What should I actually keep? Shall I store this in the loft in case I need it five years down the road? Shall I throw it out? (But what if I end up needing it one day and then I don’t have it anymore because today, today I decided to throw it away?)

Many times, we just end up moving ‘stuff’ from one place to another so that we get a temporary feeling of calmness and organisation in our lives – until we open up that cupboard door where we stashed all of our clutter – or we go up in the loft and realise how much mess we still possess.

All these thoughts go through our heads when we have to unclutter a simple physical space. Tack on to that the goal of uncluttering your mind…your time…your body…and you have yourself a proper project on hand!

Unclutter life. Are you up for the challenge?

If you are up for the challenge to unclutter life, take your time and explore UnclutterNutter and let me help you on your journey to becoming more you and less of just stuff that fills up your life.

I am, by no means, an expert but since I have been and still am going through the uncluttering process with my own mind, body and life, what better way to help others do the same than to share what I know, what I have experienced and what I have learned in hopes that it can inspire someone else out there do the same.

Uncluttering your life doesn’t mean throwing away your whole life and starting new. It simply means figuring out, one step at a time, what is serving you well and what is just taking up space and time.

Getting clear on what is taking up too much of your life is the first and most important step. You can declutter your mind, your time, your space, your body…heck you can declutter anything you want!

Out with the old, in with the YOU. Unclutter your life to make space for what matters.

Let the journey begin!

Love, Martina