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Hi! I’m Martina and I’m so glad you’re here!

What Is My Mission?

Well, I’m glad you asked! I want nothing more than for self-conscious women, people pleasers and perfectionists to realise that they are so magnificent just as they are!

I’m on a mission to help soulful, heart-centred women clear life of the things that don’t do them any favours and simply waste their precious time, mental space and energy.

I want to get rid of the mental & emotional baggage that can be so all-consuming and can hold you back from living the life you truly want.

Uncontrollable emotions? They can take over your life.
Insecurity and self-doubt? They’re not helping you (and they’re lying to you ?)
Unnecessary fear and anxiety? Let’s get rid of that too!
Overwhelmed with the physical stuff that surrounds you? It’s time to declutter life from the inside out!

I want to support you in simplifying your life so that you can enjoy everyday to the fullest without the overwhelm, stress or anxiety. I want to help you create a life of ease and flow, alignment and empowerment.

It’s time we got rid of the clutter holding you back in life, isn’t it?

How It All Began

In my teens and my twenties, I used to spend my time traveling the world with nothing but the things I could fit in my backpack. One day I realised how ‘busy’ life had become and most of the things that kept me busy weren’t even things I wanted to do.

From being completely independent and free to go as I pleased with life, I suddenly found myself a mother to two beautiful twin girls, settled in a long-term relationship and had a mortgage. This was a far cry from what life used to look like. I’m not saying these things were bad – not at all – but it felt completely overwhelming.

I felt lost without a sense of direction – this constant feeling of being stuck in the rat race of life, just trying to make it through one day at a time. I know that when you have newborns, this is normal and completely acceptable. But as time went on, I just couldn’t seem to get out of the constant feeling of overwhelm. The amount of clutter in the house increased exponentially along with the mental clutter in my mind! I noticed that somewhere along the line I had formed a collection of limiting beliefs and habits that were not letting me thrive. And the worst part was that I didn’t seem to have any time for things that used to bring me pure joy.

I knew something had to shift. But how?

As I started on my mission of simplifying life, I realised that while my life was full of things that I was grateful for, it was also bursting at the seams with stuff I didn’t even want or need!

When did this happen? I used to be so organised!

Along the way of life, we end up collecting things, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, habits, fears, energies that continually fill our lives until we run out of space, both physically and mentally. This leaves very little room, if any room at all, for the things that actually matter to us.

Mayday! Mayday!

Why Do I Do This?

I hired coaches and mentors to help me figure my life out and get me out of this rut. And that was when it hit me!

Most people try to get through difficult things and situations on their own. They don’t want to admit they need help or they have no idea where to turn to. And some don’t even realise they have a problem and just assume that life is meant to feel hard and overwhelming. That feeling stressed, anxious, too busy to enjoy life is the way it’s meant to be as an adult.

But it’s not.

After a few years of getting the support I needed, I realised that I was heavily relying on my coaches to ‘give me all the answers’ and that I wasn’t taking much responsibility for my own choices and my own life. It’s like I was expecting someone else to tell me what to do and then I could just do that.

But this isn’t sustainable. We can’t have some all-knowing guru in our pockets who can just tell us what to do at every step of the way. (I wish!) At one point, we all need to take responsibility for our own lives and take aligned action. We are all capable of so much more than we ever give ourselves credit for.

I started to develop a passion for learning about self-acceptance, self-development, personal growth and the role our unconscious mind plays in all this.

I became certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Timeline Therapy and became a certified practitioner in both. I also became a Reiki practitioner and started to study the incredibly interesting effects of bioenergy healing. I started to delve into the art of uncluttering life in a down-to-earth and realistic way, using all these skills and my experience to strip away all the overbearing things that had piled up in my life. And then I finally became certified in Hypnotherapy to add the cherry on top.

All these skills, techniques and work have helped transform my life by working from my unconscious mind outwards to declutter my life from the core – rather than just deal with the surface level issues.

It is amazing how much we can pile into our everyday lives without even being aware of it. When we finally get the chance to sit back and self-reflect, we realise how much of this ‘stuff’ (another word comes to mind here!) isn’t actually doing us any good. In fact it’s causing more damage than we are aware of.

I’m Not the Only One

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one to feel this constant overwhelm and feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life. Life can get cluttered in all areas and the sooner we weed out what is no longer helping us, the sooner we can create more space, more time and more mental clarity to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

What I realised was that it was a lack of confidence, a lack of knowing and accepting who I really was that was keeping me weighed down and held back.

What will I find here?

My experience (obsession?) has lead me to work with women around the globe who have come to realise that there is more to life than just the ‘stuff’ they have accumulated, both mentally and physically. That if they want to enjoy their life to the fullest and feel ease, flow and joy back in their lives, then there is a lifetime of internal clutter they need to release first in order to expand into who they truly are. The person that has time, energy and the confidence to do the things that truly matters to them in life.

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