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Releasing the BS in your mind so you can go back to living with more mental and emotional freedom, ease & space.

Helping soul-led, heart-centred women cultivate inner peace through letting go of old patterns and emotional baggage so they can expand into who they are meant to be.

How You Can Work With Me

Release & Expand

The 6 week 1:1 program to release the emotions and negative beliefs that have been holding you back from becoming the women that you have always wanted to be – with more confidence and empowerment.

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OA Release

Do overwhelm and anxiety play a major role in your life right now?

It’s time to put an end to that feeling of constant stress and get back to feeling at ease and more in control of your life. It’s time to get excited about the now and the future instead of fear it.

Becoming YOU
Signature Program

Are you ready to fully embrace who you are? To shed all the layers that are no longer needed and to fully step into all that you have to offer?

Becoming YOU is my signature 12 week program that will completely reshape your life for the better!

1:1 Bespoke Package

Let’s create your bespoke 1:1 coaching package and target what’s been keeping you small, stuck and unhappy. We’ll create the perfect program to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. (Comes in packages of 6 sessions.)

Book a clarity call to discuss the details of your bespoke package.

Do you know it’s time to make a change but not sure exactly what you need or which program is right for you? Book a free clarity call with me and let’s have a casual chat to see what would have the most impact in your life right now.

Martina Jay sitting with cup of tea

Hi! I’m Martina!

Life Empowerment Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist by day…life declutterer and writing enthusiast by night!

(That’s a mouthful!)

Welcome to UnclutterNutter! This is my little digital plot of land dedicated to eliminating the complication and obstacles in life!

Why do I do this?

Well, that’s simple. I do this because I believe (and know!) that life can feel so much easier and fulfilling than many women experience and I know we all are worthy of expansion and more freedom in life so create a life by design and not merely a life by default.

Transformed Clients

Martina is a great coach and I deeply valued the time she spent with me and the progress she helped me make in changing my life. I would not have been able to be that far along and achieve my goals without her support. Martina helped me to push forward and leave the past behind me. She is a wonderful listener and it’s so easy to talk to her and open up with my problems. From the first session on she helped me establish realistic goals. I highly recommend Martina to everyone who needs help. Thank you Martina.

— C.J. (mother of two transitioning into retirement)

I had a fantastic mindset session with Martina. She gave me confidence from the beginning, listened to what I needed and provided me with some amazing tools to turn my mindset around. It is a work in progress but now I have the tools to make powerful, lasting change. Thank you Martina.

— S.T. (Veterinarian)

My sessions with Martina were both varied and valuable, giving me a chance to explore several different modalities which allowed us to find the ones that worked better than others. There were many techniques that I had not experienced previously but Martina was knowledgeable as a patient teacher of the process and held great space for me to work through anything that came out of our sessions, both planned and unplanned! It was a very safe place to feel all the things I needed to feel and she was fluid in her approach which really helped us to take sessions where they naturally needed rather than sticking to a rigid plan. I’ve really enjoyed our time together and I have a freshness and clarity in a new chapter I’m starting in life. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to explore their mind in new ways and unlock parts that hold them back!

— S.K. (Corporate project manager)

Dear Martina, I just wanted to take the time to write and let you know how amazingly transformative I found the time line therapy session you gave me. Sadness is an emotion that has featured a lot in my life recently, but the crippling and overwhelming feelings of that emotion was causing me problems in my present day. It’s now been over a month since our session, and although I’ve had some events where it has been sad, I feel totally different! It no longer becomes a dark cloud but instead I connect only with past learnings from sad events, leaving me able to get on with my life feeling a general lightness and peace which is totally new to me. I feel in control and empowered and I cannot thank you enough. I can’t believe it took just one session to feel like this!

— L.B. (Parenting coach)